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Comprehensive eye test in Bradford on Avon & Trowbridge

Regular check-ups are essential to maintain healthy eyes. Get in touch with Carter and Harding Opticians for detailed tests.

Thorough eye examinations by experts

We provide comprehensive examinations, using many different techniques to thoroughly assess the health of your eyes. Many eye conditions, including glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration can be detected through a regular eye examination. If you're in Bradford on Avon or in Trowbridge, get in touch with us. Our comprehensive eye examination costs £28 and includes the retinal screening as standard. Contact us and book your eye examination today.

Glaucoma screening

Our eye care services include:

  • Digital retinal screening
  • Glaucoma screening
  • Retinal photography
  • Cataract screening
  • Children's eye tests
  • Contact Lenses 
  • Dyslexia Overlay assessments
Digital retinal screening

Comprehensive Eye Tests

As part of our continued commitment to offer our patients the best in eye care, we have a digital retinal screening camera at our Trowbridge practice that enables us to photograph the front and back of your eyes. The photographs are very detailed and can reveal any small defects. These images can be stored electronically and compared at later visits and examine the changes. This procedure can be done easily on adults and children. In addition, we also provide spectacles, contact lenses and hearing aids.


How often do my eyes need examining?
You should have an eye examination at least every 2 years. Even if you are not suffering any symptoms you should still have your eyes examined. The eye examination is a regular health check, which can detect underlying health problems as well as changes in your vision. It may need to be more frequent depending on your age and medical history. Children should have their eyes examined at least every 12 months. We will normally advise you after the examination when you should return for your next visit and we will also send a reminder letter to you when you are due.

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