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Poor vision can hinder a child's development. Failure to spot and deal with any inadequacy in young eyes can often lead to even bigger difficulties in later life. So it's vital that all children are taken for regular eye examinations. Get in touch with us to book an appointment if you're in Bradford on Avon or in Trowbridge.

Children's eye care by specialists

All children should have a full eye examination before they go to primary school, and regularly thereafter. Research has shown that the development of a child's visual 'system' is largely complete by the age of 6, after which age there is little scope for improvement in lazy eyes. So, the earlier treatment is started, the better the possible results. Also, all newborn babies should be screened before they leave the hospital to ensure that their eyes are working properly. The health visitor then carries out a 39-month assessment and their excellent work is a major source of prompt referral to optometrists for more detailed investigations. Get in touch with Carter and Harding Opticians for more information.

Children's glasses

Some of the brands offered by us include:

  • Bench
  • No Fear
  • Ben10
  • Peppa Pig
  • Disney Princess
  • Mini Mouse
  • Spiderman
  • Marvel Avengers
Eye tests for your children

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All children's eye examinations are paid for by the NHS and we will be delighted to look at your child's eyes, no matter how young the child is. The NHS provides free eye examinations and vouchers towards the cost of glasses for children under 16 years or under 19 and in full-time education. Our £69 ranges for children are free with an NHS voucher. Please see our special offers page for all of our fantastic children's offers. Why not take a look at our special offers page where we have some great discounts on childrens glasses. 


How old does my child have to be before they can have an eye examination?
Although they are checked at school, it is not a full eye examination. Their distance vision is normally checked but this will not detect any problems that they may have when doing close work. Short sightedness and large squints may be detected, but the school checks are not usually carried out by an eye care professional. For a full eye examination, you should take your child to a registered optometrist. If left undetected for too long, some sight defects cannot be corrected. Children’s eye examinations are free under the NHS until they are 16, and under 19 if in full-time education.


How old does my child have to be before they can have an eye examination?
Children can be examined at any age, even babies. It is important that they have been examined before they start learning to read. They do not need to know their alphabet before they are seen. Often, visual problems can be the reason why a child does not perform well at school, for example, because they cannot focus well close up. The earlier a problem is detected the more chance there is of successful treatment. Children's eyes are normally fully developed by the time they are 6 to 8 years old so it is very important to have any problems detected before this, as some conditions are not able to be solved at this point.

During a child’s first year there are rapid changes in vision. Do not worry if your baby cannot seem to focus or their eyes seem to wander during the first 4 months. Signs that need checking by your doctor or optometrist are - persistent eye infections (although in babies the tear ducts are not fully open for the first few months) or if after 4 months one eye seems to wander independently.

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